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The Benefits of  Regular Therapeutic Massage

There are numerous benefits to receiving Massage which are mostly therapeutic in nature. People have been  getting soft tissue work for hundreds…possible thousands of years for many conditions.  That must mean ONE thing. Massage works wonders!

The ‘trick’ to getting the most of your session, is to have a steady diet of healthy body work from an experienced practicioner. You may wish to have someone or a number of therapists on your team, so your body receives the benefits it deserves.

Here are just a few of the MAJOR  Benefits of having Regular Massage Therapy:

  •  Stress-free body and mind consistently.
  • Free-flowing muscles and joints
  • Easier to adjust or manipulate by a Chiropractor/ Osteopath
  • Clear thought patterns
  • Aware and in-touch with your body’s needs
  • Quick recovery from any Sports Injuries/ Accidents
  • Better digestive system
  • Better elimination of waste/toxins
  • Better Body Circulation
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Relief from computer/technology overload
  • Breaking of Unhealthy patterns
  • Create new Healthy patterns of  self-care
  • Improved Respiratory System
  • Improved Vascular system
  • Possible Lymphatic system improvement


All this plus you will feel more PRESENT, JOYOUS and most importantly more ALIVE!




Harry Waranch B.A.,L.M.T. is a local Licensed Massage Therapist in St. Augustine, Florida with over 15 years experience.

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