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There are many proven esoteric healing techniques which have received plenty of attention as of late. These varying modalities have to do with the Human Energy Field – H.E.F.- and their potential in Healing of the  Whole  Mind/Body system.  Some are more well-known, ie, Reiki Healing which practicioners are attuned to focusing Universal Life Force energy to specific ’power’ centers either on or off the reikibody temple or Polarity Therapy which uses the movement of energy, the elements, precise holding and shaking and intention. Others, like Quantum Touch  and Divine Healing Hands use visualization , breathwork, toning , varying hand positions and faith in the outcome. Some have even categorized Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy as mostly Energy in nature, which is basically true. All forms of hands-on healing and Massage are an energy exchange .

I have been practicing Energetic Healings for over 20 years, even longer than my successful  Therapeutic Massage business. I can tell you first-hand  that many amazing healing starts have occurred  for a variety of people and even their pets as well. A session using Energetic Healing Techniques may possible change your life for the better. These techniques will be mixed into your individual session or can be a part and parcel of a Therapeutic Massage. You , as the patient/client, can design your own session if you please.

The benefits of these techniques  are  relaxation, stress relief,  better clarity  and possibly increased brain functioning as well as pain relief on many levels. Repeated sessions will assure  each  client that  not only is the  Force is with you, but the Force is in you.

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