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by Harry Waranch B.A., L.M.T.

Massaging PregnantPregnancy-pre and post natal- Massage is a popular form of therapy throughout the world. Many women have enjoyed the many benefits during this challenging time in their life.The aid of a well trained massage practicioner is highly recommended for those seeking the relief that the varying techniques can provide. Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful and positive approach which has proven scientific results for its’ effectiveness all throughout the birthing process.

Anything that enhances the mother/child union on the mind/body/spirit level should be considered a valuable tool and an opportunity for growth and research. Massage and Bodywork techniques are adequately equipped to handle many difficulties which may arise during the long nine month tenure. Just like in a regular full-body massage, the atmosphere should be inviting, quiet and comfortable. Therapy for the expectant mother should include a fair amount of feedback between therapist and client to insure proper  pressure and comfort level. Specially arranged “Pregnancy Pillows” and mats are extremely helpful and provide for that extra special care. The trained therapist should always have a Medical intake form with emergency numbers just in case. (Highly improbable, but a precaution nonetheless.) All this will ensure a progressive session which will open the future mother up to the healing possibilities.

Finally, the benefits of Pregnancy Massage will include decrease in pain -neck,shoulder,back,hip,legs etc., better quality of sleep-possibly lucid dreams, de-stressing and overall relaxation. A well trained therapist will recommend some home care massage and light stretching. The significant other may get involved in the care, by providing “partner” Massage, performed at home in either a seated or side-lying position. This can help relationships grow closer! However, a professional Massage Therapist is indicated for the overall approach which also may include light foot massage ,Trigger and reflex points,energy therapies and gentle Range of Motion modalities. Aromatherapy can even deeper the awareness of the mind/body connection.(The calming effects of Lavender and Chamomile should do the trick esp. for cramps,headaches and morning sickness)

Certainly, a stress and pain free mother has a greater chance of delivering a happy, healthy and more loving child into a new world. That in itself is worth looking into.




Harry Waranch B.A.,L.M.T. is a local Licensed Massage Therapist in St. Augustine, Florida with over 15 years experience.



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