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Another  important area that a skilled multi-disciplined Massage Therapist can pay attention to is the release of the Temporomandibular Joint. This is commonly referred to as T.M.J. Release. This is done with the use of sterile latex-free exam gloves on the inside of the mouth as well as points and gentle movements on the outside of the face. This is where Myofascial Release can be applied as gentle stripping of the muscle tissue while feeling the area ‘let go’ little by little.  Sometimes the relief is felt instantaneously. Also trigger points are used and when necessary, Deep Tissue Myo-Tension pressure is used.

This procedure can compliment anything else recommended by the world of Dentistry. In fact this makes the work of a Dental Assistant, Oral Surgeon or Dentist’s job that much easier. It also provides the patient with valuable relief from sometimes years of pain in that area. When motion is restored in the T.M.J. joint, profound healing occurs for the patient.

This technique is a Specialty of mine. Have had great success with helping people lead a more comfortable life for over 15 years.




Harry Waranch B.A.,L.M.T. is a local Licensed Massage Therapist in St. Augustine, Florida with over 15 years experience.

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