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Wikipedia describes Myofascial Release as a form of Soft Tissue Therapy used to treat somatic dysfunction and resulting pain and restriction of motion. This shortened definition does fit the bill for this involved technique which can have profound healing results when used properly in a session.

This modality can be mixed into any hour or hour and ½ session to accomplish the effects desired for the goals of each individual. There are many movement and stress patterns that the majority of the populace adheres to in our busy lives, so that would mean that the same body/mind restrictions duplicate readily for almost all of us.

The application of Myofascial Release Therapy usually involves a lighter touch, so the tissue can be ‘listened’ to for restrictions in the muscle group and released gently and harmoniously. This will stretch the tissue reflex of the muscle and surrounding connective tissue.

Myofascial Pain was discovered by an Osteopath who applied Manuel Therapy and sustained pressure to release the pain in the muscle group he was working on. That is the key to getting the proper results-sustained pressure and waiting for the release. Palpation skills are a must when performing this technique.

I have learned that there are many crossing patterns in our deeper tissues, so there is a need to follow the pain patterns so as to eventually release @ the source of the problem. This Fascia is Soft Tissue and it is a component of the Connective Tissue which makes up our body. Have been told that Fascia is in every cell of our body, so this is to be respected when working on the body temple.

Finally, this technique is a very sought out form of Therapy by patients who really get to know their bodies and want genuine relief. Many advanced therapists/practicioners will seek out classes on the different approachs to Myofascial Release. This benefits all parties. Let the TRUE healing begin!

Some Benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy include:

  • Pain-Free Living, removal of Pain patterns
  • Awareness of the Mind/Body mechanics
  • Genuine help for Fibromyalgia sufferers
  • Better Sleep Patterns
  • Sports Injuries/Auto Accident relief
  • Myofascial Freedom!



Harry Waranch B.A.,L.M.T. is a local Licensed Massage Therapist in St. Augustine, Florida with over 15 years experience.








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