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Thousands of years ago, the reflex arches in the Body , specifically the Foot and Hand were mapped out. Medical  Science is well aware of Referred Pain patterns in the human body’s anatomy and physiology  through their intensive studies and research.  Ancient cultures and  Western Folk medicine have identified and targeted points and areas on the Feet and Hands as well as the ears where nerve endings are, which promote awareness of possible Mind/Body problems and help heal their causes.  There has been  overwhelming support  in the Complementary Alternative Medicine (C.A.M.) field to recommend the benefits of Reflexology to people in the United States and all around the world . An ever increasing amount of those in the medical field-the Allopathic model- are open and refer their patients to a Therapist that provides  Reflexology  amongst other holistic offerings. This shift  has occurred because of very many favorable experiences from clients and doctors alike.  Now, Everyone has the opportunity  to experience this wonderful technique (modality) and  feel the results an accomplished therapist can  provide.  The benefits include restful sleep and relaxation, better circulation, lessening of body aches and pains and an introduction to total body wellness.  So, don’t ask ’Why Reflexology?’ ask ’When and Where’!

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